It all began with a man and a woman in love…

Yes, I am the fruit of their loins. After 14 years of marriage and two children, I came along…

For the first six years I enjoyed my life of leisure: I played with my beloved dog Brownie, went apple and pumpkin picking with family in fall, helped pick out our annual Christmas tree, and played in the park. By age six I graduated Kindergarten, it was time to get serious about my studies!

For years I toiled and sweat away under my mass amounts of homework, tests, and projects. Everything was working out well until my senior year of high school when I fell gravely ill with Senioritis. By June 2008, I had fully recovered and graduated…

I was antsy to begin my first adventure in A big city, not THE big city (yet!). Within 24 hours I met this guy…

And we quickly decided we never wanted to have a life that was not together. Although we were fortunate to be in DC for the 2008 election, we knew we were destined for other lands. After carefully consulting our 18 year old brains we thought Manhattan would be the “perfect” place to finish our college studies. After a day of searching we found our dream closet…I mean apartment….

After a year of walking up and down four flights of stairs to move-in, do laundry, get groceries, it was time for a place that better suited our needs. We were confident that a year of wisdom meant our next place was “the one”….

Our next place had an amazing view of Manhattan, an elevator, and a washer and dryer, but…

It was in New Jersey! After a few months I got over my New York bias and embraced the plethora of Italian food, going “down the shore,” and “aranges.” Alas, after two years of enjoying all the pasta and sub sandwiches I could eat, Hoboken was missing something….

There was no open green spaces. Our closest park was one block by one block. For someone coming from Upstate New York this was hard to come to terms with, but the straw that broke the camel’s back came after I turned 21. Hoboken has one of the highest concentrations of bars per square mile, but it has no craft beer. Luckily, my wonderful mom and I went to San Francisco that summer where we found…Beer of all shapes, sizes, colors, and deliciousness’! Was this phenomenon only in the expensive state of California? Behold, there exists a place where craft beer flows continuously (and cheaply), where indie music is abundant, where trees surround you IN the city, where people care about the environment, and that place has a name:

PORTLAND!!! Now that I am here, I want to share all of my experiences. This blog includes photos, random musings, recipes, and sustainable solutions.

I embrace a realistic organic and eco-friendly lifestyle.

Please enjoy responsibly.


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