Cheap Eats: Fruits


Ah fruits, nature’s candy! With all the health benefits that come from even the most common of fruits, like an apple, can you really blame Adam and Eve for wanting to take a bite?

Nature’s candy can run up your grocery bill, especially with new “superfoods” that come into vogue every month. There are plenty of satisfying and healthful fruits at the store.  Here is a list to bring with you:



Bananas do not last long in my apartment. I have at least one every day in my Easy Morning Protein Shake. They are delightful right out of the peel too and are very easy to transport. Organic bananas run about $1 per pound! That’s usually about $0.20 per banana!

It gets better because they are chock full of benefits:

1. Rich in potassium, which helps alleviate cramps, lowers blood pressure, and lowers your risk for heart disease.
2. Rich in vitamin B-6 (35% of your daily value) and Vitamin C (15% of your daily value)
3. Easy to digest and full of carbohydrates to give you energy without the crash. Bananas are also full of fiber, which helps you stay fuller longer.
4. Contains trace amounts of amino acids.


Another one of the usual suspects, but mounting research keeps reaffirming the old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Apples are versatile and easy to carry around. You can add them to a dessert, top a salad with some granny smiths, or eat it plain. There are enough varities for everyone to pick a favorite. My personal love is the honeycrisp apple, but at $2.99 a pound there are many more cost-efficient varieties ringing it at around $1.50 a pound. It is best to stick with what is in season locally. Here are just a few benefits of apples:

1. Weight loss and maintenance- the fiber in apples keeps you full and happy!
2. Boost your immune system with a valiant dose of vitamin C. They aren’t quite as good as oranges, but they put up a good fight.
3.Full of antioxidants, the little compounds that help fight free radicals that cause cancer.


I love a good blackberry, blueberry, mango, and cherry, but they are often WAY too expensive to have in my fridge every week. The solution? Buy it frozen! I love smoothies and by buying the fruit already frozen it cuts down on the amount of ice I need to use, making a smoothie with a better consistency (hey, I work at a smoothie cart!). Frozen fruits are fresh! And sometimes frozen fruits are even fresher than the fresh produce at the front of the store because immediately after being picked they are frozen. Most stores carry organic varieties too.



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