Repurposing Toilet Paper Rolls


I love anything that has to do with repurposing or recycling. I won a recycling scholarship in my senior year of high school by writing a persuasive essay about our duty to recycle, no joke. Waste has always bothered me and so, I look for new ways to use old objects.

Toilet paper rolls are one of those pesky things, that you can recycle, but you wish there was another purpose for them because you will always have many of them lying around (probably for the rest of your life). We’ve all see those commercials for roll-less toilet paper, you know the one with the toilet paper rolls falling out of the elevators? Well I like my toilet paper on rolls, they keep my toilet paper rolling smoothly and there is always a brand on sale, but the problem of the left over roll remains.

When I first got to Portland I shared a house with my boyfriend and two other women. One day I noticed a bag full of rolls, I had to know what they were saving those rolls for! Sasha guided me out to the garden and my life was forever changed.


How to use toilet paper rolls for seedling planting:

You will need:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • plastic container
  • dirt
  • seeds
  • water
  • patience


  1. Cut a hole in the plastic container to allow water to drain out.
  2. Line the plastic container with dirt.
  3. Pack bottom of toilet paper roll with dirt, layer seeds in tube, then cover with dirt.
  4. Water and wait for them to grow.
  5. When seedlings have sprouted, transfer to larger plot.

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