Peaceful Portland


International Rose Test Garden, September 2012.

For the past few years I have been traveling the nation, or as others call it college.

After spending 18 years in a dreary, yet comfortable suburb of Syracuse, NY, I set out for my first year of college at American University in Washington, D.C. I quickly realized DC was not suiting my needs and transferred to CUNY Baruch in Manhattan. After living the city life for a year (and in a 200 sqft apartment with my boyfriend) I NEEDED space and we “settled down” in Hoboken, NJ. After three years in the giant metropolis I was ready for a change.

In September I was on the move again, but this adventure was quite different. With the whole world to chose from (yes, including sunny southern California) my boyfriend and I set our sites on Portland, OR, “potentially the only place in the nation with worse weather than Syracuse,” chimed my pops. The rainy season has begun, but I am still finding the brightness in the culture, activities, and beauty of Portland.

Peaceful Portland will chronicle my adventures in Portland and the Pacific Northwest, one of the best kept secrets of America.


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